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Specialist in Ophthalmology

​Santen has a history of over 120 years in developing new eye care products to protect and preserve vision. We are dedicated to advance treatments by delivering a whole portfolio of innovative drugs and medical devices and services to patients and medical professionals not only in Europe, but worldwide.


As a specialized pharmaceutical company in ophthalmology, Santen offers a whole range of products, covering therapeutic areas such as dry eye, glaucoma, cataract, infection, allergy and age related macular degeneration (AMD).


A main focus lies on the development and marketing of unpreserved drugs. We also invest heavily in the research and development of innovative technologies going hand in hand with our existing and future product portfolio.

Preservative-free vision

Chemical preservatives are often used in eye drops to ensure sterility of the drops in multidose bottles. When used in short-term treatments, they are mostly well tolerated. For long-term use, e.g. in chronic conditions such as dry eye and glaucoma, more and more doctors recommend preservative-free products, as the preservatives may possibly cause allergic reactions or symptoms of irritation. Symptoms may include stinging, burning, discomfort, irritation or eye dryness. The anti-microbial properties of preservatives are based on a non-specific biological activity that may be the cause of these reactions.

By now, preservative-free eye drops are available not only in single dose vials, but more and more in special multidose bottles, too. New techniques of designing these containers in such a way that the content remains sterile render it possible.

Innovative: Our Novasorb® technology

The Novasorb® technology is an advanced pharmaceutical technology designed to improve the effects of topical administration of ophthalmic preparations.

Novasorb® is based on the electrostatic attraction occurring between the positively-charged drops of the emulsion and the negatively-charged layer of the ocular surface.


This formulation could be used for a range of potential active ingredients, allowing them to remain longer on the ocular surface, and providing sustained therapeutic concentrations. Thus, one of the main issues in ophthalmology is highly improved: the too rapid loss of the product when blinking.

The cationic oil-in-water emulsion contains very small positively charged droplets with an oily core, in which active components can be dissolved. Our cationic emulsion is unpreserved.